Erin Wallis Photography – Vancouver Island

We love stories. There’s purpose in the good ones. Some have life lessons and some have a way of wrapping around us and motivating us to change or to move or to think again. These are the films I pursue. To tell stories of real people with a purpose and determination for why. People who take risks and grow through adversity. People you would like to meet in real life. People you can believe in. I believe that you can’t sell your business apart from selling yourself. People want to see who you are and feel that they are getting to know something about you that is important, honest, and real – and this experience will go a long way in helping them decide what they will do next. Visit you in person. Pick up the phone. Goto your website. Even, add to cart.
When I met Erin I knew she was full of purpose and that she knew why she was creating photos for people. Being able to bring her passion to film and show people what is so attractive about Erin Wallis is the whole reason I am a storyteller and film maker. To come alongside people and lift them to higher heights.
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Filmed & Edited by Paul Christopher Films
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Comox Valley Farmers Market – Comox Valley

The Comox Valley Farmers Market provides the best of foods grown or made by the local farmers, bakers, and butchers from our valley. I wanted this film to be a fun and informative look at how a farmers market is made each week and what you might experience if you come to one…so play this film for the kids and see if they want to go!
The Comox Valley Farmers Market has begun a fundraising campaign to build a permanent farmers market structure for hosting the market each week year round. I am proud to partner with the Comox Valley Farmers Market and I hope this film will help make a significant impact in reaching their goals. For more information on how you can get involved please visit

Filmed, Directed, Edited by Paul Christopher
Music composed by Paul Christopher