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30 years Of The Filberg Festival – Comox, BC

‘A Shape In Time’ was commissioned by the Canadian Heritage Information Network.
The Filberg Festival brings together the finest Canadian Artisans and performers for this 4 day event held on BC Day long weekend. In 1983, the first Filberg Festival was launched as a fundraiser for the Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park Association whose task it is to preserve and manage this municipal heritage site. This is a vibrant and entertaining community event that has risen to National popularity.
The Filberg Heritage Park and Lodge are located in Comox, British Columbia, Canada

Filmed & Directed by Paul Christopher
Second Camera by Melanie Dea
Edited by Paul Christopher
Music Licensed though themusicbed.com


Alecia & Rob Wedding Film – Comox Valley, BC

Alecia + Rob were a real pleasure to film. We had a great time with them on their pre-wedding shoot and on their wedding day as well. The wedding ceremony length broke records – and was finished in under 8 minutes…8 minutes!! Between Robs nerves and Alecia’s veil almost falling out of her hair twice, the ceremony was full of laughter and tears. Alecia looked fantastic, and Rob stayed standing…ha! Love you guys!
Friends mean everything to these two – and their support and love was evident throughout the whole weekend. Refurbishing the clubhouse @ Sunnydale with about 100 framed portraits of Alecia and Rob along with hand made floral decorations created a cozy space for a lively reception. Everyone pitched in to make this day really meaningful.

Alecia + Rob were married at Crown Isle Resort in Courtenay, BC
Reception was held at Sunnydale Golf Course in Courtenay, BC

Filmed & Edited by Paul Christopher Films
Music licensed through themusicbed.com


Alecia & Rob Pre-Wedding Film – Comox Valley, BC

Alecia and Rob are another amazing couple. We met about 9 months ago to talk about their wedding and discovered they were planning to get married on a particularly awesome date : January 12th (hey! that’s our anniversary date!) So cool….We could tell they were very much in love and while we were getting to know them they had this really cute moment where Alecia began regaling us with Rob’s talents as a golfer, soccer player, and Call Of Duty expert…, and then Alecia says “me…not so much.” Lots of laughter followed.
We loved that they were such an easy going couple and yet – ready for adventure at the same time. We were even more excited when they decided to book us for the whole experience and get a pre-wedding film made along with their wedding film.
So this is it…the pre-wedding film. As always, the purpose of our pre-wedding films are to tell a story about our couples. It was great fun shooting little moments of these two doing what they love to do. Playing soccer, cozy walks, and loving their faithful companion Odie, their beloved dog. Rob recently became the owner of a golf Pro Shop and naturally he and Alecia spend many hours working the business and also playing golf together. These two enjoy lots of outdoor activities, which we love!
We filmed their prewedding film on a crisp cool sunny Fall day in October. They were quite nervous, but Mel and I have a way of having fun, keeping things casual, and sharing our approach to shooting. Very quickly Alecia and Rob forgot about the cameras and started having fun, playing soccer, and cuddling to stay warm (super cute). When it came to the interview parts I had an idea to let Alecia interview Rob and Rob interview Alecia. The interview clips you see were shot by our couples holding the camera which created a unique experience for both of them as they were able to look past the camera at each other while sharing honest answers about their hopes and dreams. The day flew by, and in the end we got some fantastic moments from a very wonderful loveable couple. We feel part of your lives now guys! We can’t wait to capture your wedding day story in January.

Created by Paul Christopher Films
Music Licensed Through themusicbed.com


Beauty Queen + Bee Keeper

Dan has a pretty cool little business called BigD’sBees. He makes the best honey from thousands of bees each year and is a real gentle giant. Some say he’s numb to bee stings, and that he once wore a hornets nest as a helmet on halloween.
Justine is fun and very detail minded which is our favourite bridal combination. She was miss International Canada a few years back…and that means she likes to smile on camera – which is always a good thing. She is also a great singer. Her latest work is in public relations for Watoto Canada and she cares deeply for people and has a great sense of humour. We think everyone needs honey, singing, and humour – so when we met with them we knew it would be a delight to make their wedding film.
We really look for a natural connection with our couples when meeting for the first time. It’s so important to us because a connection with our couples is going to translate well onto the screen. Justine and Dan became our friends…and it shows.
Thank you Justine and Dan – for being yourselves and trusting us to make your wedding film and trailer.

Filmed & Edited by Paul Christopher Films

Song: God Gave Me You by Dave Barnes
Licensed with themusicbed.com


Filberg Park & Lodge – Vancouver Island

This short film will be featured in an upcoming fundraising campaign and on the Filberg website. The park and lodge are an attractive destination stop for visitors worldwide. This is an invitation to partner in the work projects ahead and to share a community commitment in continuing the legacy and upkeep of Filberg Park and Lodge for her guests.

Film and Music by paulchristopherfilms.ca


Coastal Black Estate Winery – Vancouver Island

I met Abel O’Brennan almost one year ago and was immediately drawn to his sense of honesty, passion, and determination as a winemaker on Vancouver Island, Canada. This is a family run business and there are four generations living and working on the estate located in Blackcreek, British Columbia. The family’s conversion from milk to wine a few years ago was a bold move and one that has proven to be worth the risk. Coastal Black Estate Winery have received numerous international awards for many of their outstanding fruit wines. coastalblack.ca

Film and Music by Paul Christopher Films


Purely Flower – Comox Valley, BC

Tamara Penna from Purely Flower is a wonderfully talented young and vibrant floral creative. Her love for life and what she does is clearly reflected in her eyes as she tells her story. She makes flowers for just about every occasion…even one’s you might invent. We think she’s pretty great.

Film and Music by www.paulchristopherfilms.ca